Sunrise Today products stemmed from my own journey to sobriety, and the products emerged into journals. I wanted to create a way to get sober- in guide or journal form. I found it was extremely hard to get sober, and discovered that not many people were talking about spirituality related to sobriety. Also, I wanted to set myself apart from the AA Program by incorporating interesting methods that were still spiritual and give people options for other forms of spirituality.


When I first tried to quit using alcohol, I felt the evenings were such a struggle, yet the mornings were so much better. I experienced a duality of the mind. In the mornings I was so happy I had abstained, yet when

4:00 p.m. hit, I turned into a much different person who craved drinks. 


I found out I was a ‘Gray Area Drinker’, and I decided to make a products that were symbolic for the journey to the other side. I share my journey to sobriety on Instagram for everyone to see and I have loads of information there that is available to anyone who is sober curious. I use symbolic imagery often, in products and on IG, and specialize in using all of our spiritual resources to help us on our transformative journey.