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Sunrise Today


Sunrise Today products stemmed from my own journey to sobriety, and eventually I wrote and illustrated a self-help journal for sobriety. I wanted this sobriety journal that I made to be the star product of the brand: Sunrise Today.


I wanted to create a way to get sober- in guide or journal form. I think my journal represents a new philosophy that is refreshing and focuses on the ascension in consciousness.


In my personal experience, I found that it was extremely hard to get sober, and discovered that not many sober writers were Developing systems that covered spirituality related to sobriety.


My desire was to set myself apart from the AA Program by incorporating interesting methods that were spiritual and give people options for other forms of spirituality, or 'tapping in' to the spirit. I incorporate meditation and prayer into the journals as well as application of the 'law of attraction' concepts. 


When I first tried to quit using alcohol, I felt the evenings were such a struggle, yet the mornings were so much better. I experienced a duality of the mind. In the mornings I was so happy I had abstained, yet when the clock turned past 4:00 p.m., I was a much different person who wanted drinks. I created the name 'sunrise Today' as I felt the morning was where we could focus our energy, and thoughts, thus 'trading in' drinking for better sunrises.


Through the process of my own inquiry, I found out I was a ‘Gray Area Drinker’, and I decided to make products that were symbolic for the journey to the other side. I felt that sunrise today products should make people proud, not ashamed of having an issue with alcohol use, or addiction.


I share my journey to sobriety on Instagram for everyone to see and I have loads of information there that is available to anyone who is sober curious. I use symbolic imagery often, in products, in the sunrise Today journals and on IG, and specialize in using all of our spiritual resources to help us on our transformative journey.

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