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Meditation for Heart Opening, A Guided Meditation by Sunrise Today

Meditation for Heart Opening, A Guided Meditation by Sunrise Today


This is my second guided meditation that I am offering on the Sunrise Today Website!


This meditation is for opening the heart, so that you can cultivate love for yourself and others. I dove deep on this on with the discussion which is included in this file.


The meditation for the heart opening is 7:04 minutes.


The discussion for the meditation is 9:28 minutes.


The meditation and accompanying discussion will give you ample material for self-contemplation for your journey of sobriety, awakening, and exploring love.


Self-love is a key component of the sobriety journey and that is why I created the material for the heart opening as my second guided meditation to offer the community!


There are many meditations on heart opening out there, so why choose one from Sunrise Today? I combine various resources for the meditations and combine different elements from various spiritual masters, and texts. In many of my meditations I include visualizations, so if you love to picture things in your mind for your meditations, I think you will find my meditations to be well suited for you.


Bonus file for study is provided with a discussion on the meditation so that you can do self study on the concepts provided. Have your journal handy!


If you enjoy this meditation, there are more coming! It has taken me some time to develop the meditations and I present them first on Sunrise Today LIVE at 12:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time- via Instagram!


All meditations are written by me, unless stated in the listing. On Instagram I do a practice session, with followers who check in and there is discussion afterwards. So, if you would like to see what the meditation is like, check in with me at 12:00 p.m. on Thursdays! (Central Time, Midwest, USA.)


The sound on the meditations purchased through the website are of higher quality as they are recorded with the Blue Snowball ICE microphone, and a filter. 


Comforting music accompanies the meditation for your relaxation from innovative and upcoming musicians as I believe in supporting other artists.


Music for the meditation and the discussion is 'Floating Hearts' by Julyan Brynn (loved the title and the music! 🤍)


All music is meticulously hand-picked by me from Epidemic Sound. Please support these musicians when you can.


Video and Imagery are presented on Sunrise Today on IG, in sample form. You can listen to a sample there before purchasing. All video and photo content is taken by me, from my home in the Midwest, in the state of Missouri.


Lastly: Yoga images are examples of heart opening postures from! (Supported bridge and high lunge with heart opening.)

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