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We're Back in the Saddle Again!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

After a vacation or a race, or a race/vacation I'm always lost. Where was I before the journey?

I have a few tips for anyone on how to handle getting back to life/work/exercise after any trip:

1. Start small.

2. Make it light.

3. Get back in the saddle ASAP

There is always inevitably this thing that happens after something big like the race I just finished. That thing is post-race let down or depression which is typically accompanied by overwhelm.

So, for tip #1. Start small (start somewhere)- that somewhere was unpacking. The next small step was getting my exercise in with the kids swim schedule. (The kids swim schedule is annoying~ they start practice at 9:00 a.m., which is optional, by the way.) Each day last week I did it differently, and was frustrated. That is why we start small. To be honest, I didn't start small enough. This has happened every year in summer for the last ??? years. The issue at hand is this tricky balance of keeping them busy enough at their ages (10 and 13) without overwhelming myself. Usually, I stink at it the first several weeks of summer.

If the kids go to the swim practice they are 'occupied' and have purpose, and exercise in their day, but this also means that I have to get my exercise in early so I can be back to get them to their practice. (that is the annoying part) Honestly, I didn't do a GREAT job at this last week, but there is always hope for this week.

Tip #2. Make it light. Okay, it's the first week back. (repeat several times) Totally new schedule in the heat of summer with all of us together. Going light means instead of 4x- 5x a week biking, maybe it's 3. Maybe I change it up a bit, with a swim. Basically, smaller and more manageable time chunks just to practice being active.

Tip #3. Get back in the saddle. What about Sunrise Today? What about my artwork? @jenniferklempartist Once the unpacking is done, and the exercise schedule has been somewhat established (within reason) then add on gradually. When I came back, I had two appointments I wasn't ready for. I re-scheduled because there was no way to meet the needs of either appointment well. (both were for my business.) No one died. Everyone understood. I needed more time to get back in the saddle. I used the end of the week and the weekend to start small on a drawing (easier than painting) and I did an interview on Sunday. (Also, easy because I just had to sit and listen...) So, it was doing 'something' to get back in the saddle or move the needle forward.

Lots more info coming this I'm feeling much better.



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