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This is the Sunrise Today Journal for Sobriety!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

After what feels like a million revisions, it is finally done!!! The Sunrise Today Journal for Sobriety...

This journal carries you through the first month, plus some! The journal has 41 pages of written content that intentionally takes you through one day at a time with mindfulness. I used my own journey as reference to build on to each day while incorporating the basics of the Sunrise Today concepts which I present on Instagram regularly. The advantage of the journal is that everything I have presented on IG is all in one place.

In the journal is gentle guidance, without judgement.

The journal introduces you to prayer and meditation, as well as incorporating a focus on creating your new identity, and making a unique model for YOUR own sobriety journey. In addition, I tell stories along the way so that you have a reference and understanding with tidbits in the form of memoir.

An introduction to getting in touch with your angels is also incorporated.

The real secrets are in the appendix however, where I detail my own strategy for becoming sober after 28 years of drinking, and define my aspects.

Your life will get better when you make the decision to choose Alcohol Free living, and even if you are just sober curious, this book/journal is for you too! Maybe you are just trying Sobriety out for a 30 day trial. That is okay too... we've got you as they say. This is not the 'all or nothing' model.

Finally, the Sunrise Today journal has full color harmonious illustrations throughout. The illustrations are symbolic elements to help you visualize the concept for that page. I include 11 blank pages where there is limited writing space, and the journal is printed on 70 lb paper, with a suede cover. This booklet is the perfect size at 6 x 9 inches, and perfect for carrying around anywhere.

We are launching the journal on Friday, June 18th!!!!!

Last but not least, this journal/book is dedicated to my therapist... Becky Brittain Von Schrader... and I just wanted you to know.

With love from the Midwest,


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