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Note the JOY! Using the Law of Attraction in Your Sobriety...

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

What brings me joy TODAY? What brings you joy today? As I have been studying the the 'Law of Attraction' for my brand, Sunrise Today, it SEEMS simple enough after I read a passage or listen to a podcast from Abraham Hicks teachings... find the joy!

Alcohol bring us a fake joy. This drug works on our brain to give us feelings of euphoria or a 'high'. Additionally, alcohol can temporarily relieve anxiety. Long term effects of using alcohol consistently however, include depression and increased anxiety overall, not to mention damage to every system and sub-system in our physical bodies.

So, many of us find ourselves one day with anxiety and/or depression from years of alcohol use. It is then that we may start looking for ways to unlock the keys to overcoming addiction via a serious wake- up call to the reality and complexity of the situation.

Currently, I am studying the concept of using 'The Law of Attraction' and it's basics so that I can bring you information on how to wield 'the LAW' to your advantage as you find your way to peace, enlightenment and fulfillment after years of using booze. #itsnotyourfault

One of the tenants of 'The Law of Attraction' is that in seeking our desire and our joy, we unlock the key to the chest of life that has on it's padlock an inscription that reads: "The Secret".

The question is though, how do we find the joy? Is there a practical and applicable way according to the Law of Attraction, that we might use to help us find joy no matter where we are in our sobriety journey?

As a matter of fact, there is a way.

Simply go about your day and collect joyful images in your head of what you saw or experienced that brought you joy. Even if you observed something someone else was doing, make a mental note (or written note about it- 'hey- that looked so cool, or that person looked so happy doing ________ .' Then, make a wish to do that particular activity soon. For instance, you simply say to yourself or whoever you are with something like, "Paddleboarding looks like something that is very relaxing, yet athletic. I want to try that soon because it looks like something I'd really enjoy." Make the statement powerful enough that it is absent of any lack. Don't forget to state why you would like to do this activity as well, and that will give your wish more power. Think of your desires as wishes, and you can say them as such.

Throughout the day you are provided a wonderful world of contrasts. (This is Law of Attraction language.) Contrasts help us to define what we want or what we don't want. When we experience an emotion that we don't like think of this as your inner being telling you what you'd like to avoid next time. For instance, if going to lunch with a group of people gave you anxiety, simply note it as a feeling that you didn't want or as a contrast. View the lunch as something that gave you more clarity to your overall well-being. Write down in your journal, or say to your friend or partner something like this, "Going to lunch with these people reminded me of why I don't usually go to lunch with them. The experience took too long and it was stressful watching them interact. There was a lot of language that was used that didn't make me feel happy."

Then, switch your language to something like this: "I value my time so much and I really only want to be with people who are fun to be with and in situations that are easy and carefree. I choose to be in experiences that have a calming effect to me." When you finish your statements in the positive, then this affirms what you want to cultivate in the future versus what you don't want, which was from the past. Be thankful for the contrast you experienced.

If you are like me, and many other people who have stopped drinking, you may find that you get better and better at avoiding situations that cause you stress or anxiety. This seems to go hand in hand with sobriety.

Basically, take mental and/or physical notes in your journal of what you liked and what you didn't like for your day and focus on the positive activities, and people you encountered. If you enjoyed being with someone new, or an old friend that you loved, then make sure to note that with double stars or great doodles!

This is the work I did on my i-pad this week. I created my own font! It still needs a lot of work with the letter spacing. You have to test out letters and sentences on the program I am using. The program is iFontMaker. I received the i-pad for Mother's Day of 2021 and I started learning how to use it two days ago, on Wednesday.

I have spent most of today troubleshooting how to make the font, and then upload the font to my computer, and then of course design this image!

I cannot say how much I recommend any podcasts and content from Abraham Hicks Teachings, or the book I am reading which is 'The Essential Law of Attraction Collection' by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

In my next blog post I am planning to go more in-depth to this list of likes and dislikes and how to work them according to the 'Law of Attraction' so that you can apply the methods to your own life!

Let me know what you think about the blog post, or this topic. You can drop your likes and dislikes below too!

With love from the Midwest,


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