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I Went to Sleep... and My Problems Were Solved

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Application of the Law of Attraction in Sobriety by Jennifer Klemp

This week is (in my mind) is the last push for a big project I am working on~ and that project is a brand new website for my art work. I don't mention this much on my Instagram page for Sunrise Today as I want the content for Sunrise to be relevant to the Sober Community, and I like to keep the content separate for the most part. However, the main reason why I felt I needed to get sober was to be more productive and to be more successful with my art career.

There are many irons in the fire so to speak, and if you have noticed, I've had to pull back a little on Instagram. I love to post, manage and connect on the 'gram, however, with things amping up for my Art page, I've had to prioritize and push most efforts to the Art Website build.

It's been an enlightening process.

Creating content that I don't love creating is a new challenge. (I'm speaking mainly about the photography aspect with a digital camera, not my i-phone.)

I ran into a problem this week in the tech department which made me crazy. I have someone magical, who I'll call 'M', that is helping me with my website build and I love her for these reasons: she knows what she is doing with the website and is making it look beautiful.

However, this week the specifics were that she/we needed a video which would be shot with a close-up of the brush making it's marks. Seems simple, right?

I have been shooting most videos on my i-phone 10 and have become very comfortable with the process and it's convenience. I shot what I thought 'M' needed on Tuesday of this week. ('M' is the website designer.) After about 2 hours of shooting, and about 2 hours of editing the video 'M' told me this wasn't what 'we' wanted. I wanted to cry and also pull my hair out.

I trust 'M' implicitly so I put my brain to work on what I needed to do. I asked more questions from 'M' and what it came down to was that I eventually figured out that I needed to use my camera, for which I have a macro lens, and I needed to record video on that camera. This all occurred to me by Wednesday, which in real time (on the earth plane) is not too bad in terms of figuring things out when you are just one person who has two creative businesses.

One of my challenges however, is tech and all of its various aspects, and how different devices talk to each other and how we send various files to all of our devices. I don't usually desire understanding of how they all communicate, I usually just want to know what buttons to push to make things happen!

After the ultimate frustration on Wednesday, which was that I finally had my camera recording the shot I thought I needed, somehow the video would not go to my phone. I need the video to go to the phone so that I can do video editing on the app I use.

Why did my phone not see the video? Why was my computer not sending the information to the phone? Did it need more time? Was the phone mad at my computer, or vice versa? I tried several methods to get that video to the phone and nothing worked. My husband was in and out to bike practice so I was mad at him. (He is VERY good at all the tech but couldn't help me when I wanted him to...) I was mad at my husband, mad at the phone, mad at technology, mad at myself for not knowing technology, mad about my career, and also mad at the CLOUD for not being there for me. I mean, the CLOUD is part of heaven and we all know those guys up there are on my side!

I threw a pretty good temper tantrum for my husband when he finally returned from bike practice telling him about how I didn't want to be a failure and that he doesn't understand what I'm doing at all, and barked about how he never helps me. (Which really isn't fair because he has supported me in every single creative endeavor I've dreamed up over 18 years and has never said a word about it.)

So, on Thursday I gave up and went to sleep. (This is also known as surrender.)

My usual method for getting things done, when they are challenging, is to push through the road blocks, and keep trying until you beat whatever it is into submission. (And also throw a temper tantrum at my husband.)

However, with studying the Law of Attraction recently, I decided by Thursday to change things up. The Law of Attraction uses this method:

1. Make your wishes known to the universe. (In this case, I wish to have the video I need on my phone- make sure to detail your wish.)

2. Allow the magic to happen. (This is called 'The Art of Allowing'.)

This seems easy enough, however, it is difficult in real life, when you are faced with the above circumstances. (And by this, I mean to let it all go and just allow things to happen.)

I changed my whole method for this particular challenge and 'project', and here is what I did:

On Thursday, I kept an early bike lesson I had previously planned in August (Lessons totaling 6 sessions). I went on an errand to the city to pick up some art prints of mine for inventory. I browsed a local shop, and picked up lunch carry out. I then made it back from the city to pick up my kids at 2:15 p.m. for their orthodontist appointment.

After coming home, I announced to my family that they were on their own for dinner.... and I went to the park and talked to my therapist for an appointment. (Which I had previously scheduled as well for my mental health.) I brought home the carry out before the appointment for my husband, and left him to figure out dinner for the kids who did not like what I brought home.

I made it back in time to have dinner with my kids and husband, went upstairs, took a bath and laid in bed for what I thought was a short rest, and fell asleep.

I roused really late in the evening only to come downstairs and not do very much except stretch a little bit on my yoga mat.

My husband said he was working on the video for me, to get it to my phone and he had trouble with it as well. I left it up to him, went to bed early and didn't even read. So, I took a late nap, then went to bed early. I did not watch any television.

I woke this morning and my husband had the video on my phone for me.

I'm stunned and amazed. The "Law of Attraction" WORKS. It truly, truly does. Was it my husband, or the universe, or does it matter? I will explain more about how the universe responded to my wishes when I released the grip, and let go. I am writing about concepts such as those related to the 'Law of Attraction' as it pertains to sobriety in upcoming blog posts. There will be many others on 'The Law of Attraction'.

I hope this helped those of you who have struggles with 'The Art of Allowing'...

With love from the Midwest,


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